Podcasts and Blogs

When you just have too much to read and not enough time, you could listen to a podcast when you’re riding or driving.

Just remember to always have your critical appraisal hat on, as there is nothing more bias than an expert talking about their area of interest 😉

Here are a few:

British Journal of Sport Medicine

Physio Matters

Physio Edge

Clinical Thinker Podcast


Healthy Wealthy and Smart has some great podcasts but unfortunately it is scattered through some ok podcasts and interesting advertising

PT Podcast Network has 3 podcasts you can follow via their site and a few blogs.

Which brings us nicely to another useful tool, following a blog. Letting someone else sort through all that research for you.

Here are a few:

Patellofemoral Blog the name says it all. From the same people we have Tendinopathy Rehab. Again the name doesn’t leave you guessing about the content. And these people live to give with one more blog on Biomechanics

RunningPhysio again the title spells out the subject matter

The Sports Physio has become quite the cult following with the host Adam Meakins not afraid to call out the profession on its more dubious practices in an attempt to promote critical thinking

Body In Mind run by University of South Australia in an attempt to, in their words, ‘better facilitate and disseminate credible clinical science research’

Pain-Ed is a resource designed to “inform both the public and health care practitioners about the latest pain research”

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