Emergency Department Physiotherapy Webinar: Session 2, Nov 2nd 2016

The time is coming up for the next online case conference.

It will be held on Weds 2nd November at 7pm Eastern Standard Time.

We are extremely fortunate to have Lester Jones (http://vicpain.com.au/specialist/lester-jones.html) presenting on pain management in the ED setting. Many thanks to both Lester for his willingness to give us his time and expertise and Adam de Gruchy for organising this. And thanks again to Adam who will be presenting a case studies and literature summary on Cauda Equina Syndrome: Assessment and Management.

You will be sent out an invitation that will enable you to access the online meeting within the next 2 weeks as per the previous process.

Please feel free to get back to Matthew Sutton on matthew.sutton@flinders.edu.au  if you have any questions regarding how to access the meetings (also see the previous blog an on how to access) or if you had any issues with it last time.

We are really looking forward to this conference and hope you are able to attend.

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