Lecture on Inflammatory Back Pain July 26 2016

Recognising & Managing Inflammatory Spinal Conditions


Inflammatory back pain is a diagnosis that can often take many years to be made and delays in care may have a very negative effect on a person’s health and quality of life. Physiotherapists are well suited as primary practitioners to recognise the signs and symptoms of inflammatory back pain and expedite assessment and care.

Management of inflammatory back pain will differ from that of mechanical back pain in regards to use of medication and exercise, especially in times of acute exacerbations. 

This lecture evening will discuss signs and symptoms of inflammatory arthropathy, how a diagnosis is made and what is best management and how this effects physiotherapy practice.

Presenter: Dr John Moi

Dr John Moi is a rheumatologist who consults both publicly and privately from the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He also practices as a rheumatologist in the Rheumatoid Arthritis and Rapid Access outpatient clinics at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He is the Director of the Back pain Assessment Clinic, a newly established service partnering resources between the Royal Melbourne Hospital and it’s community partners.

He holds degrees in both medicine (obtained through the University of Sydney) and physiotherapy (University of Melbourne). Teaching is one of his other passions and he lectures on rheumatoid arthritis at the University of Melbourne, and is actively involved in teaching, training and examining physician trainees at Royal Melbourne Hospital.

Register via the APA here:

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