Excellent Learning Opportunity For Emergency Department Physiotherapists

Flinders University and Alfred Health are collaborating to start up an online case conference forum for Physiotherapists working in Emergency Departments as primary contact practitioners.

Each case conference is scheduled to run for 60 minutes and will involve three to four physiotherapists presenting real life cases. The format will allow real time viewing of any relevant investigations/imaging as well as power point presentations (or any other documents) and video and/or audio of the presenter. Participants will have the opportunity to ask any questions or provide comments at the conclusion of each presentation (either via text or audio).

We are calling for expressions of interest for physiotherapists working in ED who would be interested in participating. There is no fee and all that is required is a wi-fi connection.

If you are interested, please go the following link and complete the short survey (it’s only four questions).


 This is an ethically approved project and consequently the first page is a rather boring information sheet, apologies. As part of potentially being involved in this project, we ask you to read the information sheet, after which you will be asked for your consent prior to completing the survey.

 If you would like any further information, please contact Matt Sutton, Lecturer and Primary Contact Physiotherapist, Flinders University (matthew.sutton@flinders.edu.au) or Paula Harding, Musculoskeletal Stream Leader, Alfred Health (P.Harding@alfred.org.au).

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