New Emergency Department Event 5th November

For those of you in Victoria, the ED network is hosting a final event for 2015. Four experienced ED physiotherapists from various health services in Victoria will present interesting cases for discussion.

Caitlin Farmer graduated from Latrobe University in 2000 and completed her post-graduate Masters Degree in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy in 2011. She has been working in advanced practice roles in Victoria since 2008 and is currently the Clinical Leader for Advanced Practice Physiotherapy at Northern Health.

Matt Woronczak is a physiotherapist who has worked in the Emergency Department at Monash Health since 2004 – initially in a secondary role and since 2007 in a primary contact role. He is involved in the training of Emergency doctors and physiotherapists in plastering and splinting and injury management. He has been the chair of the APA ED Network since its inception and is actively looking for fresh committee members.

Jackie Crane is a physiotherapist who has worked in Emergency at Austin Health since 2001. Jackie was Initially a secondary contact physiotherapist, then manager of the Emergency Care Coordination team and now is in the advanced practice primary contact role dealing predominately with musculoskeletal injuries and minor trauma.

Scott Anderson is a physiotherapist who has worked at Monash Health since 2002. He was involved in implementation of various roles including; primary role in ED at Casey hospital, soft tissues, lower limb screening clinic, also work in PT led OAHKs clinic. Past experience includes working in private practice, aged care and for various sporting teams.

For more information, or to book, click here

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