APA Emergency department network lecture and webinar 19th March

Analgesia For Limb Injury in the Emergency Department

Please note that this event is available as a webinar or you can attend live at the APA’s Victorian Branch.

Management of pain from acute limb injury is a common presentation to the ED. The best analgesic combination is currently not clear. Recent research from Monash Univerisity will presented which compares various oral analgesic regimens for limb pain and other analgesic strategies such as intranasal analgesia will be discussed.

Presenter: Andis Graudins is an Emergency Physician and Clinical Toxicologist as well as the Professor of Emergency Medicine Research at Monash Health. He has a particular interest in analgesia research.


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Lecture: APA Victorian Branch
Level 1, 1175 Toorak Rd, Camberwell


19/03/2015 – 19/03/2015

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Clinical implications of what we say and believe



There have been some interesting narratives written of late on a how the clinician’s beliefs and language may effect patients.

Here is a free access link to an article on the association between clinician beliefs and those of their low back pain patients More on how our terminology can be interpreted by back pain and osteoarthritis sufferers can be found in our clinical reasoning section

Let us leave you with the  words of thumper the rabbit, in the movie Bambi, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all”


Review of clinical tests for hip and shoulder


Yes a free article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine on the reliability of clinical tests for the hip.

And why we are reviewing clinical tests why not have a peek at shoulder tests with another free article from those lovely people at BJSM. It is an update on several articles outlining that isolated shoulder tests are not that reliable, and gives information on which tests are the best value.

And while you are there you could listen to the podcast by one of the authors, Chad Cook, on ‘Improving day to day physiotherapy practice”. More podcasts and blogs can be found on this site

Finally while we are on a theme of reliability of clinical tests and Chad Cook, here is a nice article on usefulness of tests for patellofemoral pain, and again it is free to access.